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New Website Domain


The City of Richland, Texas, is excited to announce the acquisition of its new ".gov" domain, solidifying our commitment to transparency, security, and trustworthiness in our online presence. With the launch of "richlandtexas.gov," residents can now access official city information and services through a dedicated and government-validated web domain, providing a reliable source of accurate and up-to-date information.

This new domain not only enhances our city's digital identity but also strengthens our relationship with residents by establishing a clear and recognizable online presence. By adopting the ".gov" domain, we signal to citizens that they can trust the information and services provided on our website, knowing that it comes directly from the official channels of the City of Richland.

In an era where online security and authenticity are paramount, the adoption of the ".gov" domain underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the interests and welfare of our residents. With "richlandtexas.gov," we aim to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for residents to access vital city resources, stay informed about local news and events, and engage with their local government in a transparent and accountable manner. We believe that this new domain represents a significant step forward in building a stronger, more connected community in Richland, Texas.