City Secretary

The City Secretary holds a pivotal role in the local government, operating within the framework of a Type-A General Law City as defined by Texas statutes. This position serves as the custodian of official records and plays a crucial role in facilitating transparency and communication between the City Council, city administration, and residents.

The City Secretary's primary responsibility revolves around meticulous record management. They maintain and preserve a comprehensive archive that includes city ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and official proceedings from City Council meetings. Compliance with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission's standards is essential, as is ensuring efficient management of electronic records for easy access by the public.

As the designated public information officer, the City Secretary handles requests for public records under the Texas Public Information Act. This role promotes transparency by ensuring that governmental information is accessible to residents. Staying updated on legal developments and advising city officials on compliance matters are critical aspects of the position.

Beyond administrative duties, the City Secretary provides leadership to departmental staff. This includes fostering a collaborative work environment and overseeing departmental budgets to ensure responsible resource management. Effective leadership contributes to the efficient operation of our city administration, supporting the overall mission of serving the community.

The role of City Secretary is integral to maintaining accountable governance and fostering community engagement. By upholding high standards of integrity, transparency, and efficiency, the City Secretary plays a significant role in shaping the future of our city.

Contact Info

Ronda Franks
City Secretary
(903) 362-3707
[email protected]